Dental x-rays are a valuable diagnostic Tool. X-rays, also called radiographs, give your dentist the ability to see between and inside your teeth.

Dental x-rays are a type of diagnostic tool essential in your care and treatment. They can be preventative by helping to diagnose underlying oral issues. Without x-rays, problems that are underneath the surface may go unnoticed until they get worse, causing severe pain and infection, or worse. Because of this, it is essential that you come into the office regularly for x-rays. These radiographic images will be taken at most of your appointments, as they help to diagnose problems that may go undetected during a routine exam.

Why are Dental X-Rays important?

The reason dental x-rays are so important to your oral health is because they help in the overall diagnostics of a patient’s care. They help to determine diagnostic issues as well as preventative to help determine any underlying issues that can’t be seen through a regular exam. X-rays can show a range of different dental-related problems which include:

  • X-rays show signs of decay
  • X-rays can show signs of infection
  • X-rays help identify impactions
  • X-rays can help identify cracks, fractures and breaks
  • X-rays help with implant and root canal treatment
  • X-rays can help to look further at the tooth’s roots for signs of infection
  • X-rays help to determine if periodontal disease is a deeper issue
  • X-rays help to check on the status of developing teeth

Are Dental X-Rays safe?

Dental x-rays use a minimum amount of radiation when being taken. Because of this, they are completely safe for individuals who are having x-rays taken at their dentist’s approval. X-rays use so little radiation that they are even approved for children, since the benefits of having x-rays taken outweigh the small amount of radiation being used. X-rays are also taken by qualified and highly-trained professionals who can perform the radiographs comfortably, quickly, and efficiently.

Dental x-rays can be either intraorally or extraoral. Intraoral is an x-ray that is designed to be taken inside the mouth and usually the cameras are smaller. This helps to get further back in the teeth. Extraoral x-rays are taken outside of the mouth and are the most common type. They give a high level of detail to the teeth, bone, and supporting tissues of the mouth.

It is recommended that you come into the office every six months to have x-rays taken along with receiving an exam and cleaning. You should have a full series of x-rays taken every three years and additional imaging may be required if you need to have surgery or other procedures done. X-rays are crucial to maintaining proper oral health and are essential for patients of all ages.

If you want to inquire more about dental x-rays, contact our office today and a helpful staff member will be happy to assist you further!