Dental technology is a rapidly changing field. Through new computer aided devices, imaging, and improved treatment options, patients are able to receive more efficient, faster results.

At Ramona Dental Group, we offer the latest and greatest in dental technology. Our technology is specifically designed to help in diagnostics, ensuring that each of our patients receives the care that they need in a professional and state-of-the-art manner. Because certain oral conditions can go unnoticed with the naked eye, this technology is used in conjunction with regular dental exams and x-rays. We welcome you to come into our office and experience the benefits that come from utilizing this technology.


What Technology is used in the office?

We are continually seeking out the greatest dental technology to add to our practice. We believe that technology is important because not only does it give us more accurate readings of your oral health, but it is also more convenient for the patient. We want to use technology that will help create minimal time needed to use so that you don’t have to wait. Currently, the technology that we offer includes:

  • CarviVu (used for detecting decay)
  • DIAGNOdent (used for detecting decay and signs of inflammation)
  • EvoraPro Oral Probiotics (helps in the production of healthy oral bacteria)
  • VELscope (used for detecting abnormalities in oral tissue)

Who Can Benefit from This Technology?

Absolutely every one of our patients coming in through our doors can benefit from one or all of the technologies that we provide. For example, patients who are looking to establish routine dental care can benefit from CariVu or DIAGNOdent in helping with finding and treating cavities. Patients who are looking for a healthier and brighter smile can benefit from our EvoraPro oral probiotics and patients in need of advanced oral cancer screening can benefit from VELscope. Because we customize treatment and care for each patient, we will recommend a technology based on your dental needs and affordability. By utilizing the technology that we provide in our office, you will find that you have more comprehensive examinations and a healthier, happier smile. Some of the major benefits for using dental technology include:

  • Dental technology provides more accurate results- The use of technology allows our dentists to visualize the exact condition of your teeth.  Newer dental technology is digitized, allowing the computer itself to correct human error. This means that each step of your treatment is accurate from the beginning of your treatment.
  • Dental technology saves time- The use of technology is constantly changing due to newer more effective advances. By using the latest in technology, it saves time for both the dentists and the patients. What used to take minutes to take an x-ray, now only takes seconds, allowing you to be in the dental chair for less time.
  • Dental technology provides instant results- The x-rays are able to be seen instantly, which allows our dentists to create a dental course of action for you faster. The images are taken and sent instantly to a computer allowing the patient to also visualize their oral health. This is especially good for emergency situations, and for those patients who can not sit still for long periods of time.
  • Dental technology allows for lower exposure to radiation– Dental technology has advanced greatly. One of the main advantages of having the latest in technology, is the fact that dental x-rays are safe for just about everyone. Small children, pregnant women, and even the elderly can rest assured that we here at Ramona Dental Group use technology that omits the lowest forms of radiation.

If you are interested in benefiting from our dental technology and would like to inquire further about any of these procedures, contact us today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you!