Snoring can be the cause of different underlying issues. It is best to come in for an exam to determine what a good course of action is to relieve your symptoms of snoring.

Snoring can be incredibly disruptive to the person snoring as well as everyone else in the house. Unfortunately, snoring is common in men, people who are overweight or individuals with certain medical conditions. Sleeping on your back can worsen snoring, making it nearly impossible to sleep. Thankfully, there are dental treatment options specific to snoring so that you and your loved ones can sleep easier.

Why is Snoring Such a Problem?

Snoring can affect the way a person sleeps. If you have a family or partner, they may also have issues getting a full night of sleep simply because of your snoring problem. Because of the fact that snoring can disrupt a person’s sleep, they may experience other health-related issues throughout the day due to a lack of sleep. For this reason, we advise anyone with a snoring problem to come into our office for treatment.

What Treatment Options are Available for Snoring?

At Ramona Dental Group, we offer a high-quality option to calm your snoring problems. This involves a mouth piece that will be worn throughout the night that helps to open the throat and improve snoring. This allows you and your loved ones to sleep easier at night. Plus, the mouth piece is custom made for your mouth, so it is comfortable and easy to wear. The mouth pieces can be easily cleaned and will last for years with proper maintenance. Unlike store bought snoring aids, the mouth pieces made for you in the office are custom fit to your needs and are much more comfortable to wear. Because of how comfortable they are, you’re more likely to benefit from what they are able to do for you and wear them on a nightly basis.

If you have a problem with snoring or would like to inquire further about this procedure, contact us today!