Dental Cleanings

It is recommended that both children and adults have a dental cleaning every six months to maintain healthy oral hygiene.

Preventative care is crucial to maintaining a healthy smile. One of the most crucial parts of preventative care involves regular professional dental cleanings. Dental cleanings are done in the office by a licensed hygienist. The hygienist works to remove hardened plaque, tartar and buildup from the teeth that is impossible to remove on your own. The hygienist will also measure the pockets around your teeth, indicating if you have gingivitis or gum disease.

Why are Cleanings necessary?

Even with routine dental care at home, you still need to come into the office twice a year for a professional cleaning. Even the very best brushing and flossing can’t get rid of all plaque and tartar from the teeth. The same can be said about staining that is impossible to whiten with at-home products. The hygienist works quickly and effectively to remove this debris, revealing a clean, beautiful and healthy smile. The hygienist is also responsible for checking for signs of gingivitis and gum disease, which require further treatment if found. Some of the benefits of coming in for a cleaning include:

  • Cleanings remove hardened plaque, tartar and heavy buildup
  • Cleanings are crucial in checking for signs of gingivitis and gum disease
  • Cleanings help with issues involving bad breath and stains
  • Cleanings help reveal a beautiful, shiny smile

How often should you have a professional Dental Cleaning?

Dental professionals recommend that all patients of any age go for cleanings twice a year. At Ramona Dental Group, we can pre-schedule your cleaning appointments to make it convenient to get into the office and have the cleaning done without it being a burden to your lifestyle. More regular deeper cleanings may be needed if you have gingivitis or gum disease.

If you need a dental cleaning, contact us today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you!